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Selena (1997)  - The End

Fact: The final scene with the actors was done in one take.  And even after they called cut, they couldn’t stop crying.

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Long distance break ups; the hardest parts - when its 3 am and you’re laying in bed thinking about sending.her a text because its time for her to wake up for school, when you realize you gave 6-8 months of your life to this girl that felt its okay to leave now, to realize that you fell in love with someone that didn’t love you as much as you loved them. It’ll hurt the most when you look in the mirror and think, was it because i weigh to much? Was it because i wasn’t good enough? It’ll hurt most when you try to figure out what you did wrong. & all im going to say is, it’s okay. It’ll hurt, and it’ll pass as time goes on .

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